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Icon warm-up

Posted on 2010.11.08 at 01:39
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 Its been awhile!


while your sleeping...Collapse )

She wants it

Posted on 2010.11.04 at 15:56

Currently Feeling Stressed

Posted on 2010.11.04 at 15:45
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 Today, I had a bad day. Or at least, what I consider to be a bad day. Popped my tire, again for the second day in a row, was told that I should start going to church due to my bad luck, and found out the I owe my roommate 73 dollars on top of the fact that my father just put money into my account that is supposed to last me for awhile. Curse those damn Boy Meets World DVD, it would probably be more financially responsible of me if I returned them, but I refuse to do so. I need them and they need me and thats that. I am also out of food... one more thing to worry about I know. I feel tired and all I want to do is focus on sleeping and being on netflixs 24/7. I am sick of school and have not been paying attention at all during class. I know this is bad but I am tired. I promise to crack down on my studies this weekend, or at least I plan too. Funny how its so easy for me to get into a bad mood when there are so many good things in my life. I suppose I am just dramatic and unappreciative like that. The beautiful thing to is that when it comes down to it, nobody actually cares, other than your parents, about how you feel. Why? Because they themselves probably have the same and if not worse problems than I do. I have decided that whenever I feel like this I will look to this famous saying: KEEP CALM CARRY ON.